How we do it

How do we use surplus stock?

With wholesome food going to waste in this way, we believe there is an alternative, with social, environmental and economic benefits.

Food waste costs money and the industry as a whole recognises this. By buying their surplus stock, we turn a cost into a revenue. That’s one of the reasons why we think so many organisations are choosing to work with us.

Are we trying to replace what charities and food banks do in this space?

We don’t want to replace the excellent work they do. But we’re different.

Community Shop is not about crisis support – which is provided by food banks and food charities. Nor are we for independent shoppers on a tight budget – they’re already well served by retailers and discounters.

We want to help people on the cusp of food poverty. Unless there is a bridge back to financial independence, they can easily slip further into poverty. That’s what we’re helping people avoid.

So if you’re in food poverty, why should you be charged for food when you can just go to a food bank?

Many of our members tell us that being able to buy dinner for their family offers them dignity. Making those consumer choices is really important to them.