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Tesco Environmental Guide

"Company Shop’s ability to take product “in brand” helps them play an important role in the prevention of landfill."

Steven Butts, Head of Corporate Responsibility at Morrisons

"Working with Company Shop allows us to offer suppliers a pragmatic, efficient solution where food could potentially end up as waste. Their integrated network means that they can offer secure, well managed redistribution in a way that protects the integrity of the products and offers environmental and social benefit"

Charity Partners

Kelvin Cheung, Founder of FoodCycle

"When you look at Company Shop, it's a great example of social enterprise in action – providing affordable meals to families that is both dignified for the shoppers and makes sense for the companies involved."


Alex May

"I have long been very grateful for the outstanding work you have carried out. As you will be aware, your company helps us to reduce waste and consequently protect the environment and your unbeatable prices have made grocery shopping in the current economic climate affordable once more."

A customer from the Sheffield Forum

"We love Company Shop, and we’re grateful for our memberships! We both work for the NHS and haven't had much in the way of a wage increase since 2006. We used to shop at Waitrose; now even Aldi is too expensive for us. [With] Company Shop, we're grateful that for £20 we will get enough meat to fill the freezer for the month."


Myfanwy Cross, Business Reporting and Logistics Management team for Company Shop

"At Company Shop, we strive to keep our transportation as efficient as possible. We want to solve problems, not create them, so we identify the simplest and most effective methods for stock delivery and pick up, whether it is the retailers or manufacturers making the journey as a part of a greater trip, or sending out one of our energy efficient trucks to make multiple deliveries. We aim to make this process as simple as possible always keeping in mind the greater goal of helping retailers and manufacturers manage their residual stock more efficiently."

Andrea Reid, Account Manager for Company Shop

"We operate a unique concept, fulfilling a need of using surplus food in the right way and ensuring that nothing goes to waste when there are people who appreciate these goods"

Sharon Archer, Head of Product Compliance for Company Shop

"Company Shop is important, because it is an outlet for brands and retailers to actually dispose of excesses whilst offering a greener, more environmentally friendly choice of doing so than other alternative methods. Importantly we provide a service and we are putting back into the community instead of putting things to waste"